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At the Hearing

What Happens at the Hearing?

What happens at the hearing?

During the hearing the Administrative Law Judge will:

  • Make an opening statement identifying all persons participating in the hearing, describing how the hearing will proceed, and outlining the issues and the rights of the parties.
  • Question parties to obtain the necessary facts.
  • Allow parties to ask questions of their own witnesses and the witnesses for the other party.  The Administrative Law Judge will also help parties who have a hard time asking questions of witnesses.
  • Decide whether documents may be made part of the record.
  • Give parties the opportunity to review and object to documents that may be made part of the record.
  • Decide on any requests to issue subpoenas for witnesses, documents, or records.
  • Give parties a chance to make a closing statement at the end of the hearing.


What kind of questions will the Administrative Law Judge ask me?

The Administrative Law Judge will ask you questions about the issues connected with the hearing, mainly those mentioned in the Department of Labor's Notice of Determination. You should answer all the Administrative Law Judge's questions honestly.


What if the Administrative Law Judge asks me questions that I do not know the answer to?

If you do not know or remember the answer to the Administrative Law Judge's question, you should tell the Administrative Law Judge that you do not know or do not remember.

How Does the Hearing Work?

How will I attend my hearing?

You will join your hearing through the Virtual Hearings Center at To learn how to prepare for and attend your virtual hearing, visit


How do I join my hearing?

To join your hearing:

  • Go to and click “Attend Your Hearing”
  • Enter the Virtual Hearing ID number listed above and click “Continue”
  • Review the Terms and Conditions and click “I Agree”
  • Select your role in the hearing
  • Enter your information and click “Submit”
  • Wait for the judge to start the hearing

You may also watch the demo video at and download the Participant User Guide.


How long does a hearing take?

A hearing will last as long as it takes the Judge to get the necessary evidence to decide the case. Generally, hearings take from 45 to 90 minutes.


Can I record the hearing?

No. The hearing will be recorded by the UI Appeal Board. If the decision of the Administrative Law Judge is appealed, you may request a transcript free of charge. If the decision of the Administrative Law Judge is not appealed, you may request a copy of the hearing recording or a transcript for a fee.

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