Unemployment Insurance Claim Hearing Paper

Notice of Hearing

How Will I Be Notified?

How will I be notified of a hearing?

You will receive a hearing notice in the mail in advance of the hearing. You will also receive a packet of papers that the Administrative Law Judge will use at the hearing. It is very important that you have these documents with you before you check into your hearing. If you did not receive the hearing packet, call the hearing office as soon as possible. They may be able to send you a new hearing packet or send it electronically The hearing office phone number is listed on the top of the Notice of Hearing.

Read the Notice

I received a Notice of Hearing in the mail. What should I do?

You should read the Notice of Hearing carefully. It contains important information for your hearing. 

The Notice of Hearing will have the following important information:

  • Administrative Law Judge Case Number(s)
  • Names and addresses of all parties who will be attending the hearing
  • The website link that parties will need to check into their hearing
  • The Date and Time of the hearing
  • The Purpose of the Hearing
  • Special Instructions


Read the Special Instructions carefully. They will tell you to send in certain documents or have certain witnesses at the hearing. If you are unable to have these documents or witnesses at the hearing, be prepared to explain why you were unable to have them.

Address Change

What if my address is different than what is listed on my hearing notice?

Call the hearing office as soon as possible at 518-402-0210 to update your address. If your address has changed, you should ask if anything has been mailed to make sure you received all the documents for your hearing.

Can I Attend the Hearing in Person?

Can I attend in person?

Hearings are held virtually. Please call our office at 518-402-0210 if you need further assistance.

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